Monday, March 8, 2010

What to do...

I have never played a Massively Multiplayer Game by myself. It’s a sad staggering realization I came to last night. I’m very introspective and I have been trying to figure out why I really loved certain MMOs and played them for so long, or even started playing to being with.

In EverQuest a really good friend got the game and I played on his account for a month before getting my own. I played with him and his brother for awhile then they each slowly quit until I was left by myself; however by this time I was in a high end raiding guild with new ‘virtual friends’ playing 8-12 hours a day 6 days a week.

I took a small break from EQ to play Dark Age of Camelot at launch with some friends from EQ and I did the same with EverQuest 2 with the same people. I always ended up returning to EQ though because it was home and I had a huge guild to fall back on and raid with. I tried a handful of other MMOs with a small group of friends as time went on but nothing ever changed, EverQuest was always my home.

After I got back from Iraq I found out all my friends were now playing World of Warcraft, so I started. Since then we, as a group, have tried Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, and Aion but we always go back to WoW.

Now I’m at the point where I am bored with WoW but they all still play it. I’m trying to find another MMO but it feels like such a daunting task to start a new MMO from scratch all alone. I’ve tried all the older ones I have characters on and none of them panned out.

So I need to find a MMO I can play for myself. The thing is I wish I had never played WoW because it feels like the perfect MMO to come into all alone from scratch. All the other MMOs I’ve looked into have such small tight knit communities it is intimidating to try and breach. WoW just feels more approachable which is why I’m still running 1 or 2 groups a night on my Warlock.

Soul searching time that is if you can call MMO shopping soul searching. I’m probably going to go to Best Buy today and just randomly pick something up off the shelf. If I don’t see anything amazing I’m going to just download Dungeons and Dragons tonight.

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  1. So 30 minutes at Best Buy and I couldn't find a game. That is actually depressing. I looked at single player games too and nothing impressed me. Civ 4 was the closest thing to a maybe and I am just not in the mood for that type of game right now.

    Is a gamer still a gamer with no game to play?