Friday, March 12, 2010

The Wall, again

I'm still hitting the wall. I'm trying to convince myself Dungeons and Dragons Online is fun enough to keep me entertained but it isn't. I don't even want to say the game isn't fun, because it actually is I'm just not invested in it.

I logged into Aion tonight because a friend told me it was bonus EXP. I managed to hit 20 on my Templar but again the wall jumped up in front of me... not to mention failing to obtain a quest item 4 times because it took to long for my wings to open due to lag.

On the bright side I found my CD Key to Galactic Civilization and that is installing as I type this. That is good for one night a month of entertainment... maybe more. I almost bought X-Com UFO Defense off Steam tonight too, it was only 4.99, if not for Galactic Civ I would have.

This is the time I usually start painting my miniutres again but that doesn't even seem appealing. Right now really is a sad time for PC gamers, there isn't alot to play outside of the FPS market.

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