Sunday, March 7, 2010

EverQuest 2

After almost 5 years I'm going back to EQ2. I don't know why I've waited so long until now. I loved EQ1 and I loved EQ2 while I played it. 14 Day Trial installed.


So that was a weird bust. Sony has a trial that sort of streams the game to you, virtually no download. The screen had alot of shadowy black spots on it that prevented it from being playable.

What little I did see made me think I'm just not ready for any MMO right now.


  1. I'd try out EQ II. Never played it but I hear good things about it still from some bloggers. Any PvP to indulge in?

  2. I hear they just added a battle ground system like WoW. I still want to give EQ another try but reading the back of the box at Best Buy I was really put off by the fact that it is now 90 levels to max.

    Sure I probably wouldn't make max level but at least with lower caps I could pretend I was going too. I wonder if that is a factor in why WoW is only going to 85 in the next expansion, sticker shock.