Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Diablo 2

I bought Diablo 2 over the weekend, not because I've never played it but because I didn't have a CD Key. I've actually played Diablo 2 longer than nearly anyone. You see I was in the closed beta with a thousand other people before the game was released. I had a closed Beta CD at one point that has since been destroyed... not my fault I'm still upset about it.

So there are three reasons I bought Diablo 2 again, this will be my 4th time buying it. The first reason is I want to have every Blizzard game tied to my account in case they show favortism for Beta selections based on how many Blizzard products you own. If I was Blizzard I would reward the loyal.

The second is everyone says vote with your wallet. Well I love Blizzard's games and I am a huge fan of how they make them. I may only play Diablo 2 one or two times more but I want Blizzard to know I support them and buying their games is the only way I can really show that.

The final reason and easily the most important. My name is in the credits. I wanted to take some screen shots and rub it in my friends faces. So now on my Facebook account they will find 3 screen shots of the Diablo 2 credits. One at the start of the credits, one that shows The Ring of a Thousand and one with my name circled.

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