Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dungeons and Dragon Update

Quick update. Sorry for the lack of posts I’ve been in San Jose teaching people to install Satellite Dishes for a remote monitoring system we use.

I’m level 2 Rank 2 in Dungeons and Dragons Online. From what I gather there are some 5 or 6 ranks per level, like mini levels and 20 over all levels in the game. So compared to other MMOs I think I’m around a level 8-15 range depending on what MMO you compare it too.

I’m playing a Female Human Bard named Epiny Burvelle who is focused on Crowd Control songs, healing, and her weapon of choice is duel Rapiers. The combat is very fun, screw that it is the most fun low level MMO combat EVER. The end, check please, it’s that good.

The sad thing is it is very simple, left mouse button is your primary attack. You get a few abilities that are on cool down that can be mapped to your hot bar; they don’t cost anything to use just cool down timer. You get ‘feats’ which seems to be what defines your class. As a Bard my feats are so far all songs and I only have 2 songs so far. Feats have a set number of uses per day I think or until you rest at a ritual stone or something. I don’t honestly know the name and I think googling this stuff right now would take away from the genuine love of the game. The two songs I have so far can either do an Area Effect Mesmerize or I can do a group buff song. I also have a heal spell which uses mana. There is a defensive stance that allows you to block and dodge but I don’t use that much.

So at level 2.2 I have 1 primary attack, 2 offensive abilities on cool down with no other cost, 2 ‘feats’ that can be used up to 3 times per day/rest and 1 spell that uses mana. That is a total of 6 abilities ranging from constant spamable to only a limited amount of times per game day. The combat so far is hectic and I’m sure I look like a total n00b circle strafing NPCs while I whack at them but it really is refreshingly fun and engaging. This is the type of combat a Sci-Fi MMO should use.

All and all DDO is a good game with at the very least note worthy features. Every person who considers themselves a well rounded MMO gamer should try this game, if nothing else to get a feel for the combat and how the Dungeon Master works.

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