Monday, March 15, 2010

StarCraft 2

I’m currently subscribed to StarCraftLegacy on You Tube. They are posting about 2-3 matches a week and as a huge fan of StarCraft I’ve been watching them. I have noticed a few things from the videos though.

First off the game looks to play a lot like the original StarCraft, which is good. Real Time Strategies didn’t need much improvement over what we were using 10 years ago. The overall way we handle units and the majority of the controls were spot on and perfected during Warcraft Orcs vs Humans. I’m excited about that. There seem to be some small and good improvements but all of this is based on only watching the replays.

The second thing I noticed is the attack animations. One of my friends has been complaining about it on Steam for 2 weeks and I hadn’t paid much heed to it until these past few days. If you watch any of the matches closely you will some a lot of the units have very plain combat animations. For instance watching the Terrain unit the “Thor” attack in the matches was very disappointing. It basically stood there and gun fire just streaked from it. It had no recoil motion or change in stance when it shot. The Siege Tanks from SC1 had more combat animation.

This is just a small compliant, but I want it noted before I play the game or it goes live. Over all the graphics look good and the game looks fun. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and try it out.

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  1. the reason attack animation seem plain is because when you have 200 units x8 on the map with crazy animation it's going to be uber laggy