Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Shopping List

My goal is to try and pickup Diablo 2 by the end of the weekend. I just need to find time to get to Best Buy... or maybe Game Stop. The problem with Game Stop is the same reason I don't like to go into comic stores anymore. The people who work their know so much about their product it is almost intimidating. It feels as though they look down on me for not liking what they like when they try and strike up a casual conversation.

I've also been considering getting a steering wheel and pedals for the PC. I love racing games but they are so much more fun with a good wheel and pedal. I haven't ever really tried to play racing games on a PC but I know it would be unbearable with just a keyboard.


  1. I love external controllers and the thought of what people might develop in the future. It's just something different from the same ol' keyboard and mouse but I still like being able to type.

    Let me know how the pedal and wheel setup goes.

  2. I picked up Diablo 2, not I just have to register it with my account. I also ended up picking up Pokemon Soul Silver for my Nintendo DS. I saw Keen mention it and I haven't played a Pokemon game in almost 10 years but I'm going out of town for the weekend so it seemed like the perfect time.