Friday, February 12, 2010

WoW... is it time for a break already?

I think it is time I took a break from WoW. I hate to do it because I want to play WoW... but it just isn't as enjoyable as it was a month ago. I don't think it's any lack of content or feature on Blizzard's part.

I'm on a server where I don't know anyone. I don't like most people I meet in groups, you know why already. I don't like questing and groups aren't coming fast enough anymore, even on Bloodlust, to sustain my level of enjoyment.

I would need constant groups with not even good people; I would be completely happy with average people. The community would need to change and the mindset of the people who play WoW to keep me entertained and subscribing.

I don't want to quit, because I really wanted to get my Warlock to 80 before Cataclysm comes out. I think taking a month or so off from the game may be a good idea though. We shall see, I'm considering of going back to either Warhammer Online or Aion.


  1. I can't fault you for becoming jaded with the game. Since it launched five years ago I've played off and on. Twice for six months and the last was an eight month hiatus. It was patch 3.3 with the dungeon finder that brought me back for my latest round.

    Besides gearing up respectably I've also worked on professions and now I've got an enchanter, inscriber and jewelcrafter. Besides those three professions I've also set up an auction house business with the goal of making more gold than I know what to do with. Prior to last weekend that endeavor brought me from 32g on Thursday to about 1600 on Sunday (most of that was re-invested in more items to resell, prospect, convert, disenchant, etc). My point is that I looked for other means of enjoying the game and so far it's been a better experience.

    However, that doesn't make up for the asshats that you're sure to encounter out there. I'm very fed up with the whole elitist and immature attitude that we always see in trade or pugs. It is disappointing that all people focus on are gearscore and achievements to use as a gateway to their pug.

    Lately I've exaggerated my gearscore by a couple of hundred points to get me closer to 5k and try to avoid linking achievements. if I get my foot in the door hopefully no one notices and I can enjoy the raid. So far I've avoided being booted as my performance in the raid is a testament to my skill as a player that knows my class. Not only do I have the proper gear stats augmented by gems and enchants but I'm also taking all the food and elixir buffs that I can. Not only that but as an elemental shaman I've got the right totems out and maximizing my dmg/dps with a solid rotation of spells. Playing smart has kept me high up in the top half of the dmg/dps.

    In closing I hope that you too find something to satisfy your gameplay whether that's in WoW or some other game. :)

  2. I'm switching between my Priest and my Warlock alt now. I figure as a healer I don't at least have to put up with the asshats because I'm the needed class.

    I think this is a major reason why I always play support classes. I don't have to worry about being replaced easy so I can call people out on this stuff without fear of being kicked.