Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mortal Online

I had almost forgotten about Mortal Online until I came home from work and found a package from Sweden on my desk. I just got the game from Star Vault and it comes in a nice metal box. I figured since I bought the game I may as well install it... though I am playing WoW while it installs.

If the game doesn't have any issues I will try it out, but I'm not interested enough anymore to fight hours of technical issues.


  1. 40 minutes later and no joy. I'll wait until Steam Vault gets an idea of why it isn't working. I'm not much into trouble shooting for them right now.

  2. The hard copy of the game is an invalid version of the game, yea that seems wierd to me too.

    I downloaded an updated patcher off Star Vaults webpage and got the patcher to start the download this morning. It said 13 hours to go and I assume something will go wrong before I get home so I doubt I'll get to play tonight. I have also heard there is a 2nd patch after this first one.