Monday, February 15, 2010


I want to keep playing WoW, I’m not going to lie. The game is fun and I love playing my Warlock and my Priest. The problem is I get just as many bad groups as I do good groups. One would think they would offset one another to make me indifferent to the prospect of another group but it doesn’t. The lows of a bad group feel so much lower than the highs of a good group.

I’m probably going to keep playing WoW, but I’m keeping an eye out for other MMOs. I reinstalled Aion as a standby and if any of my friends pick up Warhammer Online again I’ll jump ship. I’m also watching Star Trek Online for a free trial, well not watching but waiting for someone to tell me there is one. The game looks like it would be at least interesting to try out.

I’m not a huge First Person Shooter fan so Mass Effect or Battlefield don’t interest me. I’ve considered getting a PS3 off of Craigslist just to play the new Final Fantasy when it comes out but that seems like a lot of money for 1 game. Which is ironic because more often than not I am willing to rebuild my PC for a game which costs the same if not more.

I should have some reviews of flash editing software by the end of the week.

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