Monday, February 22, 2010

Level 8 Warrior... Aion

I made an Asmodian Warrior. I hate the look of the Asmo back hair... it looks like a nasty vag... nevermind. I just dislike it. I wouldn't mind if it was just a pony tail or something but the way it sprouts out of the upperback just bugs me. The Elyos only had a scarf and by level 10 you didn't even see it anymore. I'm hoping the same for my Asmo.

I made Eppe the Warrior, she is a girl. As of late I have preferred to make female toons, I think it just fits with my perferred avatar name though, being Epiny. Epiny was a female character from a very good series of books I read a few years back.

So far I like Aion, but I always did. The graphics are good but at the same time they aren't ground breaking. The quests are your typical kill 10 foozles and collect 10 woozles, the thing is I don't seem to mind as much because it is a different game.

I will see how this goes but I really think I'm developing a healthy trend right now. I may have just found my "casual" groove. I can play most MMOs for about a month to two months before tedium really starts to set in. This means that I could potentially keep 3 MMOs in permenant rotation and never feel complete burn out. After Aion gets old I'm planning on moving over to Warhammer Online.

Until then lets see how Aion fairs though, shall we?

PS I'm going to keep WoW active. I want to still do a few Daily Dungeons a week and I'm not completely burned out on the game yet.

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