Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quick Political Tangent

Why doesn’t Welfare and Food Stamps require people to take drug tests to receive them? If you are choosing to use illegal substances that are against the laws this government has established why are we assisting you?

Let the Government run medical program go through. However do not give service to those who fail a drug test. Anyone who is selected as a high risk patient and DOES NOT try to improve upon their health should be required to pay extra or have all services declined.

If my car insurance goes up for me getting a speeding ticket why shouldn’t my medical premiums go up for being morbidly obese? If I doing nothing to improve my health why should I expect free health care or cheap health care? It’s all about personal responsibility. If you have a legitimate medical disorder then you should still receive medical treatment and retain your normal premiums BUT you should still be required to try and lower your weight. If you suffer from heart disease or have family history of heart disease and you do nothing to help your heart you should pay more.

I say this because there is heart disease in my family. I am a HUGE candidate for that or cancer. Everyone in my family has either died of Heart Disease or Cancer in their late 50’s to early 60’s. (One Grandparent being the only exception after fighting 3 different types of cancer) I also have various family members who suffer from depression.

I have cut out nearly all red meat from my diet. I work out and I do a lot of internal things to reduce stress in my life and try to self analyze situations to prevent depression. I am trying to be the next exception to the rule in my family. However I don’t feel it’s fair that I am doing all of this and paying the same, if not more, for medical as the person who sits down to an all you can eat and gorges themselves 3 times a week.

This wasn’t really quick and I won’t post anything else political but I had to get that off my chest.

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