Friday, February 19, 2010

Warhammer Online

Mythic seems to be setting a frantic pace in their attempts to revitalize Warhammer Online. After nearly a year and a half it seems Mythic is finally starting to do what their community is asking. Scenario’s are being revisted and altered based greatly on the feedback from the community. New weapons have been added as RvR rewards.

Over the past 9 months Mythic has also spent a lot of time rebuilding the graphics and the layout of all the Keeps in the Open RvR areas. It seems Mythic is finally doing what they should have done from day one, listen to their gamers. I think Mythic is another great example of a developer that lost sight of what they were trying to do. A lot of bloggers and gamers often said after the launch of WAR that Mythic must not have understood WHY Dark Age of Camelot was popular because they missed the mark with WAR. WAR could have simply been DAoC2 in a Games Workshop world and it would have seen more success than it did.

Mythic changed a proven formula in an attempt to improve upon it, admirable goal but it didn’t work out. I don’t know if Mythic is making the changes to WAR because of the restructured MMO department at EA or if they really have learned from their mistakes. It’s interesting when you think about it, during beta and shortly after launch Mythic seemed to make every wrong decision possible but now it’s the opposite.

One can’t help if it’s too little to late though. I really want to delve back into Warhammer Online but between playing World of Warcraft and the launch of StarCraft 2 Beta I just don’t know if I will have time.

Warhammer Online will definitely be on my back up list. As soon as I get bored with whatever I’m currently playing I’m going to try and jump back into Warhammer. I have a 40 Knight of the Blazing Sun, a 32 Black Orc and a 21 Orc Choppa.

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