Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sothink SWF Quicker

I've been playing with a Flash Editor called Sothink for a little over a week now. My first impression is that I'm probably in over my head, but that's how I like my programs. I haven't had the pleasure of playing with many Flash Editor's before so I'm not sure if this is standard but so far I really like the program.

It combines the proper amount of scripting with graphical user interface, GUI, to make editing nice. I haven't actually got any image maps to work properly yet but I can already tell that I'm beginning to understand the program better. I just have one error code in the script to fix and I should be making basic working image maps after that. All this so that my brother in law's website can look more professional. At a certain point I need to start charging people for my help with things in the Tech Field.

If I can get this programing working before the trial expires I'll probably buy it. If I buy it I'm going to look into a higher quality photo editor rather than just using Microsoft Paint, although I wont lie you can do a lot with that program for what it is.

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