Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lunch Break

I went home on Lunch and played some Aion while eating Pizza Bagel bites. I'm an adult who has the interests of a 12 year old, yea I know it's sad sometimes. It was fun though, I actually got almost a 1/2 of level in the 40 minutes I played. It's so refreshing to kill mobs and the mob be worth a sizable chunk of EXP, rather then all the EXP being in the quest reward.

I would love to see World of Warcraft up the EXP from all mobs by 50%. What I hate about the quests in WoW is I tend to avoid combat because it is inefficient. It takes longer to kill my way through an area then skirt around it, not only is it faster but the amount of EXP gained from the killing isn't worth the effort.

Choices are always good. I shouldn't be forced into questing and I think that is where I'm at with WoW. The Dungeons are coming only once every 20 minutes and I'm only getting about 1/6 of a level per clear. It's not worth the time put into them.

I hate questing and like I said grinding on boars isn't actually a viable path to 80 no matter what South Park tells you. I haven’t quit WoW but I haven’t played it since last Friday. I know I’m going to play during Cataclysm so it’s only a matter of time before I go back. I will probably wait a week or two then play until I’m out of rested EXP. That way I feel like my time and effort are properly rewarded.

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  1. Don't be ashamed of your 12 year old needs, embrace it! I like where your head is at, they do force you into grouping and quests. Why aren't there solo dungeon instances or real rewards for solo questing? Yes, the xp on mobs should be upped or revamped; I think the group xp should be the same or else people would random dungeon to 80 in a month.

    P.S. That was the best South Park episode ever.