Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aion Economy

I’m already delving back into the Aion Economy. I know the economy has had some drastic hardships since I’ve been gone from all the bots, farmers and a little snafu I heard about where NCSoft accidently mailed people millions of Kinah.

With all that being said I haven’t jumped feet first in just yet. I’m taking a census of prices for some crafting professions and the cost of the materials to figure out which is the healthiest to enter. I hadn’t planned on playing in the economy this time but the people I’m playing with all took professions and they all claim they can’t make a dime off them. The way my mind functions I have to prove them wrong and mock them afterwards.

I use to make 2 million Kinah a day or so when I was playing my Elyos Ranger just after launch. I’m not going to shoot that high, I’m going to work towards 500k Kinah a day. I figure in two weeks I should be able to sustain that amount of income with 20 minutes of crafting and brokering a day.

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