Friday, December 17, 2010


What is Titan? Really I don’t think it takes up that much time to say what Titan will be. Titan will be a MMOFPS with the intellectual property being inspired (aka loosely copied) from Halo.

Why? Halo redefined First Person Shooters as much as Duke Nukem did. People said you couldn’t make a good FPS on a console and they proved them wrong. The IP has spanned several sequels and a prequel. With the top one day sales of a video game being topped by Call of Duty, a FPS game, it is a solid assumption that there is a very large and very healthy FPS market.

Why not a Starcraft MMO? Anything taken from any of their very popular existing works and made into a MMO threatens to cannibalize World of Warcraft. Starcraft is essentially Warcraft in space so a MMO based on Starcraft would just be WoW in space and would receive a lot of critical feedback based solely on that. As it stands now Starcraft is praised as the best RTS game of all time and WoW is praised as the best MMO of all time, there seems to be little reason to try and cross those lines.

The final catch, which I don’t think most people will realize until Blizzard waves it in front of their faces, is that Titan will be heavily tied into a Social Networking site. With the rise of Facebook and Zynga games it is a market Blizzard would be stupid to not try and enter.

I could be completely wrong though. For awhile I had considered a post apocalyptic MMO like Fallout or Borderlands. The reason I’ve written those off is that a post apocalyptic game would attract a smaller market than Sci-Fi.


  1. You are probably correct; unfortunately.

  2. I would prefer a more traditional MMO but I don't think that is going to happen from anyone. My fond memories of EQ and playing something "like" that again are probably just that... memories. I think a Halo MMO will sell lots of games but I don’t think it’s something I will enjoy as much as a more traditional MMO world.