Thursday, December 30, 2010

A BIG brick wall.

My wall; I have found and hit my wall yet again. I seem to have a wall when playing World of Warcraft that shows its ugly head whenever I reach outlands. The problem this time is that I love my class and the game, but I want to skip Outlands as a whole. My skinning is already high enough to gather in Northrend and my Mining isn’t far behind.

In actuality I’ve found a new love for my Druid, tanking almost feels like playing an Enchanter in EverQuest. For me to attach such a lofty comparison really says a lot about that class. I played a Warrior alt at 70 during The Burning Crusade and never truly cared for it. I had so many abilities I always seemed to have trouble knowing what to use and when in order to keep threat on all the mobs during a large pull, no such issues with my druid. I seem to have threat more or less figured out so now I get to happily switch from one mob to the next ensuring the casters take no damage. (screw those pesky overzealous melee DPS) I feel like I’m doing crowd control… well in reality I am.

I think I’m a decent tank, but I’m sure everyone thinks they are decent at their class they play. Coming from primarily a healer background though I have a very good sense of healing awareness and how/when they will pull threat. I’ve always know that playing a variety of classes and roles in WoW will always make you a better player overall but I think it is really starting to show now. So all of this boils down to that I think a tanking Druid is my calling.

Back to the wall, simply put I’m tired of leveling. I did dungeons and quest for the last 60 levels, primarily quests. I hate questing in Outlands, and since it didn’t get revamped with The Shattering, there is no reason too. Thus I will be dungeon farming. It just isn’t going fast enough though. I think it is probably going to take me 2 or 3 weeks to fight my way to 70. I have Gran Turismo 5 so it has been calling to me any time the grind its… well grindy.

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