Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Team... Daddy Team?

The other night in guild chat the discussion of potential start times for raids came up. I have played WoW with the same guild for 4 years now and we have always started raids around 5:30PM PST sometimes 6:00PM. My kids don’t go to bed until 7:00PM and I decided long ago I wouldn’t play video games while they were a work, that rule has changed a bit, but I refuse to commit to a raid while my kids are awake.

So the discussion went on for about a minute when I realized that 4 people were pushing for a post 7:00PM start time. The reason? They have kids too. In the last 12 months more and more of my friends have gotten engaged, married or had kids; they are growing up. I chimed in immediately. Our guild is planning on only running 10 man content, so having 5 people committing to a later start time was a lot. The single people wanted to start at 5:30, with good reason. The content is still hard and we have a few people that live in the Midwest and two people who live on the East Coast, starting earlier allows us to run later.

As it stands I think raids will end up starting at 6:00 but we nearly have enough Dads to start a Daddy group. So our guild may very well end up running 2 raid groups a week… not the A Team and the B Team, but the parents and the non parents. My guild is finally catching up to my life.

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