Thursday, December 23, 2010

Questing King Again

What has happened before… will happen again… and it has. Questing from level 1-60 is now faster than using Dungeon Finder and grinding out levels there. The balance of power has shifted back to single player content while you level. That doesn’t mean dungeon experience has been reduced, if anything with the way the dungeons are now streamlined it is better; it is just that questing rewards exp much MUCH faster.

I sort of suspected this a few days ago. A couple friends who hate using Dungeon Finder pre Outlands leveled up by quests only and have since reached level 60. Granted they play more than me but I don’t think they play enough to justify doubling my level in half the time it took me to get there.

So last night, like I do every night, I queued up as Tank for a dungeon and got a one instantly. It was an amazing group too, on the first pull the Priest said “pull 5 mobs and come back here” I replied with “you understand Bear tanks have bad AE threat at this level”. I pulled 5 mobs, and we destroyed them. The entire run went that way. The group was so good that we stuck together for 3 more instance, actually clearing past the “finish” point in one where we were rewarded the Exp and bag of helpful goods. I got about 1 1/2 levels.

I was a little tired and stressed from the chain pulling and constant race for threat, so I decided to head out to try some quests. With in 1 hour I got 3 levels, got my skinning up another 50 points and my mining up 20. I don’t want to say this is the same for everyone but I think that unless you really love dungeon grinding you should just level by questing. I didn’t use any guides or walkthroughs. I went to one of the boards in all the capital cities and picked one of the two zones it recommended. Nothing at all special.

In another 3 months I think this will be common knowledge and more people will quest than don’t. As it stands though the questing zones are very empty considering most have been completely redone. I was sure there would be more people trying out the new old world, but I guess they are focusing on their level 85 characters and preparing them for 10/25 man content.

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