Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The mediocrity is killing me

I’ve known that I’m a little bit of an “Elitist” when it comes to MMOs and video games in general. Back in EverQuest I was the Enchanter Class Leader, an officer, and had a chair on the loot council in one of the biggest raiding guilds. I understand not everyone is equally good at MMOs though, and in a way I’ve forced myself to accept that. I will accept someone who doesn’t know how to do something, as long as they show the potential to learn it. In all honesty compared to most random people I’ve met in MMOs I think that is very considerate of me. I know I’m an elitist though and I still, to this day, position myself into roles where I can be an elitist. I play support classes because they are typically in high demand allowing you to be a prima donna elitist.

Like I said I played an Enchanter in EQ. When I first started playing World of Warcraft I made a Holy Priest and I had a Resto Shaman alt; now I’m making a Druid to tank with. I put myself in positions where I have the ability to be elitist and I think the throngs of mediocre gamers are starting to drag me down. As a tank I rely on the competence of the rest of the group in order to properly execute my job, more so than as a healer. While someone who just does low damage often times won’t get in my way, someone who is over zealous will often times cause extra work and result in me making a mistake… which then leads to the group dying.

I’ve been throwing tantrums in Ventrilo this past week over the groups I’ve been in. One DPS after another keeps focusing down the off target or attacking before I ever get to the mob. I ask them to stop, sometimes they do sometimes they criticize my tanking abilities. I’m okay with low DPS, as a Feral Druid I’m typically top 2 for the group. What I tend to blow up about is when the DPS completely disregards the Healer and the Tank. I’ve started kicking DPS, even if they are high, or just leaving the group if it is too early to kick someone. This only really occurs when I’m playing a tank, because it only matters to me when I’m tanking.

When I leveled a Warlock I would just assist or AE everything down until I pulled agro, then I’d cut it back a bit. I didn’t really have to pay attention and it was very easy. Healing as a Holy Priest or a Resto Shaman isn’t much harder… actually I think it is easier. All I have to do is follow the tank and keep everyone alive. Mobs are a none issue to me. I don’t get frustrated unless a DPS is being a major dill hole, in which case I would kick him… but as a tank I can’t take it. Maybe I need thicker skin if I’m going to play a tank. To be honest though the insults don’t bother me because I often leave a bad group without ever saying a word.

I just can’t stand people who don’t try when I try so hard. I play WoW to have fun, which means actually playing the game. I don’t play it when I’m not having fun out of some sense of obligation. So when I get stuck in a group with people who don’t try, and I try so hard, I get mad. I get mad at having to carry the group and knowing that they don’t really care about me or anyone else in the group.

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