Friday, December 31, 2010

The best in gaming for 2010

Just a simple list of my favorite games over the past year. I think I’ve already done one but it doesn’t hurt to do another one.

Favorite MMO: World of Warcraft
That really shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s the only one that is polished and no matter how old it may be the classes are just fun to play and the 5 man content is always a blast.

Favorite FPS: Modern Warfare 2
I’m not a huge First Person Shooter person but let’s face it, MW2 is a good game. I haven’t gotten Black Ops yet and I’m not sure if I will, but MW2 was a good game for what it wanted to be. I had hoped it was a more tactical shooter, ala Rainbow Six, but because I hoped it was something it wasn’t doesn’t mean it was a bad game.

Favorite RTS: StarCraft 2
Really, there was any doubt? By far the best done Real Time Strategy game I’ve ever played. I wish I wasn’t having so much fun in WoW so I could play it more.

Favorite Mobile Game: Angry Birds
It’s simple, but amazing. You shoot birds with a slingshot at pigs. It has helped me kill so much time I can’t thank it enough.

Favorite Facebook Game: Castle Age
I can’t believe I’m listing Facebook games but I have to, I’ve been playing Castle Age for probably 7 months or more now. It’s just a fun time sink.

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