Thursday, January 28, 2010

What you should be watching and aren’t!

This is a short post. It is just some other things on the internet I check out daily.

You Tube Channels
Like Totally Awesome
This is a great show about techy stuff. It has a lot of community created content and the viewers get to vote on who keeps posting stuff and who doesn’t. It’s is made by Phil DeFranco.

This show by Ray William Johnson airs two or three times a week. It covers viral videos of the week with funny commentary.

The Escapist
Ben “Yahtzee” Corshaw has a sick and twisted view on all video games. He hates pretty much everything but it’s always good entertainment.

Not so much watching but reading…
Keen and Graev’s Blog
The majority of the posts are done by Keen who has a fantastic writing style. He normally falls in love with new games quickly then grows tired of them in 2 months or so but it’s always a good read.

And last but not least Tobold’s MMORPG Blog

Tobold is more or less my idol with blogging. I enjoy his style and insight into the development of games. He is what inspired me to start blogging and I sometimes ask him to check out my site to give me feedback.

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