Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Favorite Classes of all Time

I was thinking the other day about which classes I enjoyed the most out of all the MMOs I’ve played. Other than my number one choice I struggled to come up with a top three. From one MMO to the next most classes are extremely similar and offer little variety in the form of role or how they perform that role. Never the less I want to list my three favorite classes of all MMOs and why.

Number 3 is the Barbarian from Age of Conan. The Barbarian Class was more or less what I had always wanted to play in a MMO. You were a melee DPS class that could use two one handed weapons or one two handed weapon. The class was designed around dealing damage so it wasn’t some poorly implemented add on mechanic like a lot of MMOs do to their tank classes. The Barbarian Class allowed me to wield large weapons to mash, slash, and chop my enemies. It was the perfect DPS class for me.

Number 2 on my list is the Warrior Priest from Warhammer Online. At first I was very skeptical as to how a melee healer would work out but the Warrior Priest was one of the funniest classes I ever played in a MMO. You had utility and moderate damage and you could heal. It was a true hybrid by filling multiple roles of the Holy Trinity at the same time. The Warrior Priest is truly one of those class ideas that a developer really went out on a limb to try something new and it worked well. Kudos to Mythic for being different and still making it work.

My favorite class of all time is the Enchanter from EverQuest. I played an Enchanter for about 5 years nonstop. I loved the idea of the class. You have the best buffs in the game and are able to control an unlimited amount of mobs, your skill being the only restriction. One could really tell the difference between a good Enchanter and a bad one in EverQuest. In most MMOs a certain amount of classes are required no matter how skilled they are due to game play limitations. With an Enchanter in EverQuest you could bring one or two Enchanters and if they were good enough they could support a raid of 100 people or more with no downtime. I use to refer to the Enchanter as a melee caster because you were always going to get hit due to the high threat generated from your spells. You were always the first to die after the tank and the one class who could truly prevent a wipe, no matter how bad it appeared to be.

The Enchanter was one of those classes that were truly hard to play. It took skill and finesse to master your abilities and excellent time management and organization to keep dozens of mobs mezzed for the duration of a fight. I wish more classes were as difficult to master as Enchanters were.

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