Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laptop Shopping

I’m currently shopping for a Laptop, which is interesting since I hate Laptops. Everything is so much more expensive to get it in Laptop form than it is compared to your standard desk top PC. The reason I’m getting a Laptop is my other one is 5 years old. Wait if I hate Laptops why do I have one to begin with? Remember I’m in the Army Reserves, so I travel a lot.

I use a Laptop for work as well as play when I travel. I am in communications in the US Army and I am heading to a 7 week course next month for my CCNA certification along with other advanced networking classes, enough about the boring why. Bottom line is I need a decent Laptop.

I am a huge fan of Best Buy. I bought my last Laptop there and I’ve gotten the majority of my electronics from them. They have an excellent return and service policy as well as fairly knowledgably people considering what they are paid. The guys in the computer department don’t feel like social outcasts either, the ones at Fry’s Electronics give me the creeps. The problem is Best Buy is overpriced when it comes to most… well all PC related sales. Sure the products are good, but you are also going to pay 15-20% more than if you shopped around.

I’m fruggle, sometimes. When it comes right down to it I won’t buy a piece of junk, but if I can get a good toy for cheaper I’m all about that. That has lead me to the social outcast cave of Fry’s Electronics. I don’t know if it is just the Fry’s I go to or if it is all of them but the employees creep me the hell out. This is coming from a guy who goes to Games Workshop Stores, yeah I should have a high thresh hold for socially inept people. (No disrespect to the Employees at Games Workshop they are by far the nicest people I’ve ever met at any comic/collectible store)

I think I just got distracted. Anyways I think I’m going to go back to Fry’s Electronics later today and pick up a Laptop. This Laptop is going to probably last me another 3 years and through a deployment to Afghanistan so I don’t want it to be too cheap, but on the other hand no matter what I buy it will be outdated in 6 months.

The worst part is I would rather just not buy one. I know I’m going to have huge buyer’s remorse no matter what Laptop I get. If I buy the best it will be that I spent too much and if I set my budget to low I will feel that I settled for an already obsolete machine.

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