Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to WoW

So I’m playing WoW again… not full time but I’m playing again. I re-subscribed Wednesday night and I’ve done 3 instances since then. I’m playing my 57 Warlock, which is now my 58 Warlock. For the first two instances I was Demonology spec’d and the last one I did I respec’d to Destruction.

Honestly the Dungeon Finder feature Blizzard created is amazing. I love being able to be anywhere in the world and join a queue for a group, find a group, then port to the instance. It makes leveling up fun again because I can do it grouping.

Of the three instances I’ve done, one was Dire Maul and two were Hellfire Citadel. You can really tell the difference in the quality of the dungeons when you go from a Vanilla WoW dungeon straight into a Burning Crusade dungeon. It’s night and day. The Burning Crusade dungeons are just done with such a better understanding of flow and forethought that they make the Vanilla WoW dungeons feel very… confusing.

The Dungeon Finder hasn’t kept me waiting for more than 10 minutes for a group. That is ironic because it took me longer to join a Battleground than it did an instance. I’ve done 2 instances between 7PM-9PM PST and I did one at 4AM this morning.

WoW is fun again for me. I haven’t played in over 6 months and I have no idea what I’m doing on a Warlock in a group but that doesn’t matter, its fun. I’m avoiding the theory crafting sites so that I can enjoy the purity of being a “noob” in the game. Once I get a little higher I may look into what spec is the best, but right now I’m just taking the abilities that look fun.

I’m doing 1 instance a night right now because the run only takes about 45 minutes and then I’m playing Dragon Age for another hour or two. It feels like a good balance between two games I really enjoy.

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