Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick Thought

Why do I blog? No one reads it. Same reason people write every day in a note book they don’t show anyone. It’s a creative outlet. I use to do a lot of creative writing when I was younger. I didn’t learn to read or write until a little later in my childhood because the State of California decided I was a good test subject for 3 years of experimental reading programs. That meant I couldn’t read or write basic words until the end of 2nd grade and I wasn’t able to read a full book by myself until the beginning of my 6th grade year. Ironically I made it to the advanced reading group by the end of my 6th grade year.

I enjoy writing. I’ve been meaning to write some sort of book or play for a long time. I would actually really love to write a play. I started watching Glee on Fox this year and fell in love with it. The show prompted me to go to San Francisco with my wife and see Wicked, which was an amazing musical.

So I blog because I like to write, and I have an opinion. Like most people with an opinion I think mine is right.

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