Wednesday, December 30, 2009

X-Play is a glorified Infomercial

I don’t like X-Play on G4. I know that may seem sacrilegious considering I’m a gamer but the show is as biases as any of the opinion news shows on any of the major channels. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb pander to what is already popular rather than intelligently critiquing video games.

If the game isn’t launched on the X-Box 360 then it is lucky to get any air time at all. It almost seems that X-Play has a side deal with Microsoft to talk their system up and degrade the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. I understand the X-Box is a very popular system, however the sort of blind praise Adam Sessler heaps on it makes me think he completely missed the 4 years of Red Rings.

Last night during their “worst of 2009” show they made an offhand comment about how the Wii was only popular in 2006 by grandmas. The comment felt rather closed minded. I will admit that the Wii lacks quality 3rd party support but it is a very entertaining gaming system. It seems that X-Play has forgotten that these gaming systems need to be fun and that can be had without the excessive violence some of the other games use to cover up their lack of quality.

I know most media shows that review anything are always a little biased but it would be nice if the primary source of televised video game reviews tried to be supportive of the entire genre and not just the select few they prefer.

Everyone has different taste. You however gave up your right to judge a game based solely on your preference when you choose to be a critic, at least if you want to keep any sign of creditability. Siskel and Ebert are legends not because they only gave thumbs up to what they liked, they looked past their own prejudices and saw the true quality with in the movie.

Until more critics can do this we will be forced to watch commercials in the disguise of legitimate critic shows.

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  1. Almost everything about Xplay is bad... yet I can't stop watching it whenever I come across a new episode while flipping channels.