Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Modern Warfare 2

I’m considering buying Modern Warfare 2. I haven’t really been into a Call of Duty game since CoD 2 so I missed the whole Modern Warfare craze.

My original reasons for not picking up Modern Warfare 2 are fairly simple; I’m not a huge First Person Shooter fan. I love RPGs and Strategy games; that’s not to say I don’t like some FPS games I just don’t follow them closely. I didn’t know HOW popular Modern Warfare 2 was going to be or I probably would have paid it more attention. The other reason why I didn’t pick it up, and incidentally the major reason I heard about it was that it didn’t support dedicated servers. It’s not that I have some huge idealist opinion on this, it just felt like having players host the game was a step backwards in game development.

Now I’m considering getting it. Nearly my entire platoon is playing it on one system or another, be it Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or yes even PC. I’m primarily a PC gamer but even so I would be able to find a few fellow soldiers to play with. A few of my other friends I have gamed with since Starcraft came out are playing on PC as well. Another major reason I’m considering this is that my friends have commented on how “real” this game is. Coming from a military background I would love to play a game where teamwork and strategy are more important that “twitch” reactions that often dominate most FPS games. I’m not saying I don’t expect MW2 to rely on fax reflexes but I’m hoping it won’t be a cheesy frag fest.

Right now I’m not willing to pay full price for Modern Warfare 2. If it goes on sale for 20% or more over the next few weeks I will pick it up, but until then I’m going to stick with Borderlands until it has run it course.

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