Monday, December 7, 2009

The Droid

The Droid does everything… almost. I’ve been watching a lot of Verizon ads lately for their new phone, The Droid. What’s interesting about this phone is that the advertisers are taken are more or less ignorant and sensationalist approach to promoting it. Obviously the Droid is directly competing with the iPhone by AT&T. Droid’s selling point has been that it does everything that the iPhone doesn’t without the plush “princess” prettiness of the iPhone. What I don’t understand is why it can’t be both? Why does Verizon feel the need to insinuate that I don’t need an attractive looking phone? What if I want a pink phone, that’s my choice.

Really if we are going on applications and ability to do various tasks I KNOW what an iPhone can do, and it pretty much does everything I would want in a phone. So that what does the Droid do that the iPhone doesn’t do? The only thing I can think of is a few small features that would be noticeable by less that 5% of the users.

The only reason I would get a Droid over an iPhone is ironically enough because of another commercial Verizon is running. They obviously have a much LARGER 3G network. If my new phone needs the 3G network to run all its features then I’m going with the largest in the country, as I do travel.

All this aside my work provides me with a piece of junk Sprint phone which is good enough for me. If I were to buy my own though it would probably be a Blackberry Touch of some sort.

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