Thursday, December 31, 2009

What to do... what to do...

I’m currently playing Dragon Age Origins for the PC. After that there are no games I’m looking forward to for a few months; the next thing I’m planning on playing is the upcoming Borderlands downloadable content.

With a foreseeable 2-3 month lull in my gaming schedule I’m trying to consider my options. I’ve wanted to go back to WoW to check out the new patch, but I still don’t like how the game works over all. The amount of gear elitism that encompasses WoW is a huge turn off for me. I have considered going back to Warhammer Online. If the game has improved on its performance I could squeeze atleast a month out of that game. WoW or WAR are nice choices because they don’t require me buying another game.

Then there is EverQuest 2. I have wanted to go back to that game a lot over the past 9 months. I would more than likely just buy another copy since I lost mine. I love the lore in EQ2 but I honestly don’t know enough about the game to really way the pros and cons. Lord of the Rings Online suffers the same issues, I know very little about the game and would have to buy a copy. I don’t see myself playing either of them through more than half the levels so it just seems a turn off.

Then there is Mortal Online. I’ve had access to the Beta for four months or so? Maybe longer, since the 2nd phase of beta invites. I’ve only logged on a few times and the game looks fairly promising. This is probably my first choice since it’s free and I just need to download the content.

Then there are the things outside of the internet I should be doing. Not having a video game drawing me to my office every night would encourage me to fix up the last few things around our house. I could finally finish putting my ATV back together and getting it ready for this next year, but my race series doesn’t start for another 4 months. Then there is also my Warhammer 40K Orc army that is still unpainted or my Guitar.

Yes I’m a man with a lot of hobbies. I attempt to do all of this while working full time, being in the Army reserves, being married and raising two kids… oh and I’m suppose to start college again in the spring.

Maybe not having a game for a few months is a good idea though that would make this blog rather boring. Anyway I cut it there is some time to think on it.

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