Monday, December 21, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 isn't that great...

I’m going to go against the grain here with Modern Warfare 2 here. I like the game but at the same time I hate how the game was implemented. I’ve only played the single player campaign a little and don’t really have much more to say about that than I already did. My issue is the horrible implantation and balance in Multiplayer which is supposed to be the bread and butter of MW2.

Levels matter too much. Maybe I’m still behind the times when it comes to First Person Shooters but the weapons you get from being a higher level seem far to over powered. I had been complaining about dying to the duel wielded double barrel shotguns for two days until I finally found one on the ground to use, I’m too low of a level to spawn with them. They were as over powered as I thought when dying to them. I didn’t even have to aim my cross hairs at the target. If someone is on my screen and I pull the trigger they die, it’s that easy. Someone who is level 40 or higher will always have a HUGE advantage against lower level players. Sure I agree levels are not a bad idea, however the way Infinity Ward did the bonuses seems unfair. I thought, prior to playing, that it would just give me more choices of weapons and variety… not just huge damage weapons. It just seems poorly balanced.

My other huge complaint is the hackers. I ended up leaving 2 games because of speed hackers. They would run so fast that more often than not you didn’t realize you were dead until you saw the instant replay. They would sprint in and stab you with a knife and then sprint away. It made the game unbearable. If the games were being hosted on dedicated servers with anti-cheating/hacking software I think it would reduce the amount of this. I’ve also seen other players call people out for aim bots, though I just mark that up to me sucking.

The method you connect to multiplayer games leaves a lot to be desired. This new IWNet was suppose to be huge advances in player hosted games however it is far from even good. The amount of setting changes one has to make on their router astonished me. Anyone who isn’t well versed in computers would simply be unable to change their NAT settings and connect to multiplayer games. It is a horrible design with very little online support for it. It took me 2 hours of google searches to find the CORRECT ports to open up for NAT to work and that was still a guess at the end because everything was XBox 360 related.

All in all Modern Warfare 2 is a good game with a lot of bad features. Some of the higher level weapons need to be toned down and we need some method for detecting and preventing hacks and cheats. If it continues like this I won’t be logging on anymore.

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