Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back into the Pit!!!... maybe

So I want to play World of Warcraft again. The last week while playing other games I have considered going back to WoW. The problem is that I know it would only be a temporary move. There is a small part of me… well okay it’s a big part of me that plays MMOs for the end content. I’ve been to the top of the mountain and I can’t stay entertained at the bottom anymore.

I’ve gone over it a few times in my head, what class I would play, what server, what race even as far as to think of which trade skills to focus on. The thing that holds me back is that I know once I reach level 80 I’m going back to the gear treadmill. That treadmill wouldn’t be so bad if I knew there were options but there aren’t. Each class and spec has a best in slot item, if I don’t get that I’m not maximizing my characters potential.

Now I know there have been a lot of anti-gear posts going around the internet lately and for the most part I agree with it. The player makes the character good, not the gear. The catch for me is though if I’m going to try and play a character shouldn’t I try to maximize him in every way? If I’m going to read up on shot rotations on Elitist Jerks then shouldn’t spending time farming badges and gear be just as important?

I guess it is perhaps a stigma I must get over myself. I couldn’t bring myself to play a melee Hunter because I know I would level easier playing a Hunter normal. However could I simply choose gear based on what presented its self to me, or will I get drawn into the never ending hunt for that best in slot item?

I guess it’s part me and part WoW. When I play a MMO I want to play to my best ability, including best gear. The other part is I don’t want to be forced into a certain item hunt. I want options. I want my character to be different from all the other Hunters on my server and still be just as good.

Is that possible? To be different and equal? Probably not. More than likely I will try out WoW again after Borderlands has run its course and then a month later I will be fed up with it all over again.

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