Friday, October 16, 2009

Turning a profit

I hadn't planned on posting today but here it is.

A few nights ago I set my mind to make some money in Aion. I had about 50k Kinah to my name. I was going to cut myself short and attempt to flip nearly all of that money through wise investments. Go big or go home.

I shot over to the Broker to see what the going rate was for some of the potions I could sell. The highest level of instant healing potion seemed to have the least amount of competition with the highest possible margin of profit per potion. I looked up the ingredients and proceeded to purchase them off the Broker… or what I thought was them.

The down side is when you type in Elemental Stone and sort by lowest price, Lesser Elemental Stone comes first. Without thinking I spent 30k Kinah on Lesser Elemental Stones when I needed the normal version. After reaching the trade skill area is when it dawned on me.

So back to the Broker, I would have my Kinah profit if it killed me. I put my Lesser Elemental Stones up for sale and bought the correct items, in a much smaller quantity as I now only had 20k Kinah left to make my profit.

Back at the tradeskill tables I created 90 potions. Traveled yet again back to the Broker and began putting them up for sale. Another sad realization came, you are limited to how much you can list at one time. I made a mental note to level an alt to 10 so I would have additional auctioning power.

I logged and went to bed. I woke up in the morning to a great surprise. I had nearly 55k Kinah from selling my potions and another 24k Kinah from selling the Lesser Elemental Stones. I turned around and reinvested all of that money back into the market. This time I found items with a higher ingredient cost but also solder for a much higher profit margin.

When I came home from work that night I was greeted with 150k Kinah. In less than 20 hours I went from 20k Kinah (after my mistaken purchase) up to 150k Kinah. This is all thanks to Gevlon’s blog and how to operate in a MMO economy. Since my few days dominating the low level potion market prices have dropped below to the cost the materials to make the potions. Lucky for me I have already gone back to leveling my trade skill beyond this current market. By next week I should have destroyed another potion market by driving prices down due to my goblin like undercutting skills. Crafting and playing the market seems to be more fun than leveling these days.

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