Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yogi hit 80!

I’ve decided to call my Druid Yogi on the blog. I wish I had actually named him Yogi but I went with a werewolf themed name. I hit 80 last night so now I finally get to experience the Cata content on my druid. I’ve done a fair amount on my priest but as I hate Shadow, it was limited.

I was about to stop playing a few days ago. The wall felt just to insurmountable. I’m glad I hung in there however it does bring an interesting thought. Why was leveling so unfun? Well there are a few reasons. There are really only two ways to level your character in WoW. You can either quest or do instances, luckily I’m a tank so instances are a real option.

The problem is that after 80 levels I was tired of doing both. Quests are more or less all just a variation of 5 basic quests. The dungeons are stressful because most groups refuse to let me be a tank. Threat, target priority and permitting me to pull are not concerns of theirs. That is why I’m looking forward to Cata. The dungeon content is harder, so DPS SHOULD allow me to actually perform my role.

I’ve also got mining and skinning up high enough that I should turn a decent profit. Between quests, vendoring items, and selling ore/skin on the AH I earned about 7k gold from 1-80… which reminds me I have enough money for the next flight speed upgrade at 80.

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  1. So it turns out I don't actually have enough gold for my flight upgrade. I'm about 1K shy. I'm also going to drop mining for leatherworking in the near future but I'm trying to figure out how much money I should bank before I make that jump. Since I already have skining and I'm now banking all the Cata leather it should help but I still figure it will cost atleast 5k.