Saturday, January 8, 2011

What you should be watching and aren’t! and reading... 2011

YouTube Channels
Toby Turner took over Like Totally Awesome early after it debuted and has been amazing on it ever since. He has his own channel called Tobuscus and does lots of movie and video game commentary. Always a funny guy.

I talked about him last year, and I’ll do it again this year. Ray William Johnson does =3. He covers all the viral videos of the week and he has great commentary. I recommended him last year and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed after 12 months.

If you aren’t watching The Escapist every Wednesday then you are missing out. Ben “Yahtzee” Corshaw is one of my weekly highlights. He always has a pessimistic take on video games but in reality it’s refreshing compared to all fanboy praise most video games get. He has kept me from buying a few games that ended up being total crap.

What you should be reading!

Keen and Graev are still going strong. Honestly Keen has improved a lot over the last year. He has become aware of his perpetual honeymoon syndrome with video games and seems to be going in more and more cautious. It has really helped to increase his credibility.

Tobold… the man the myth the legend. He has started posting less and at a more infrequent rate… that sort of makes sense. This has resulted in the trolls showing their ugly heads less and less. I still think some of his readers are complete morons who have never played anything besides their chosen MMO who lack any perspective on the overall MMO community Tobold’s post are always top notch.

And for our new entry, Gordon from We Fly Spitfires. Honestly I’ve been following him for a little over a year but lately he has hit his stride with great posts. I think he and I share a lot of the same feelings about WoW and MMOs in general. He shares a lot of the same readers as Tobold, some of Tobold’s better readers though. Anyways thanks for making me think Gordon.

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