Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Bear has found his Picnic Basket

I finally figured out a way to enjoy dungeon grinding while leveling. It was a simple solution but one that sits opposite of how I play video games. I simply had to stop caring. I had to stop caring about my threat generation and if I was a ‘good’ tank. I resolved to only care about keeping the mobs we pull off of the healer and life became better. I don’t think I’m a better tank but I’m at least a happier tank. I make it clear that I only care about the healer too. I tell the group early on mana and ready checks only apply to the healer, the rest of you can be replaced in seconds.

I’m a happy bear tank… now where did I put that picnic basket.


  1. I've also come to learn that I hate DPS. As DPS you do not get to pull. That is my job. I accept that you will not wait even 1 GCD after I agro a mob to attack, but I get to pull. That is MY right as the tank.

  2. Hello Epiny!

    I've read your comments on various other blogs (e.g. Tobold, Gordon) over the last few hours and I would just like to express my admiration towards your attitude.

    All your comments reveal a sensible mind behind it. I'll try reading through your own blog in the near future.

    I also agree with your statements in this post.

  3. Thanks for the compliment. I sometimes get drawn into a debate on Tobold's blog. I guess you could define my personality as Lawful Good. Regardless of the outcome I'm going to do/say what I think is right and fair.