Thursday, March 12, 2009

Personal Update

Sorry for not posting anything recently. I’ve been busy as well as just lazy. I spent last week in Florida for a J6 Summit where I got to test out some proto-type equipment the Military is looking at deploying. It was pretty neat.

Gaming Update:

World of Warcraft
I’m pretty burnt out on WoW at the moment. That doesn’t surprise me though. I didn’t want to start playing again because I knew it would happen but I guess it was worth the 3 months of fun I had on it. Right now I use it more as a glorified chat channel for my friends than a game. I did all the 25 man content with my guild and it was okay, but given my limited play time I’m rarely able to make raids.

Left 4 Dead
Lately I’ve been playing Left 4 Dead pretty much every night. I like to try and get at least one game a night in. Sometimes it is frustrating sometimes it’s fun. I tend to play as well as my team mates so when I’m on a good team I do well, but when I’m on a bad team I play badly. I guess I need to work on my level of consistency. Thanks to my dear wife who bought me a copy of Left 4 Dead, sadly after I had already purchased it through Steam, I finally got around to returning it and picked up Dawn of War 2. Look for some reviews on that in the next week or two.

Warhammer Online
I’ve also been convinced to try Warhammer Online again. I love the Warhammer world and with the release of the Choppa one of my friends have managed to get me to resub. Sadly I didn’t do the live event so I’m playing a Choppa on his account until I can make one on mine. I’m looking forward to it, no matter what Mythic’s short comings were with WAR the first 20 levels were more fun than any other MMO’s first half.

That’s about it. I have some MMO general posts I want to get up but I haven’t had the motivation to properly structure them so they don’t come off as a whinny rant.

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