Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is Blizzard the new Disney?

Something Blizzard Entertainment has done recently has got me thinking, is Blizzard the next Disney? Source If you think about it Blizzard is probably close to what Disney was in the 1950’s. If Disney had 11 million fans back in 1950, I’m sure they had far less in reality, and had the foresight to open up a theme park based on a cartoon then how farfetched is it for Blizzard to consider doing the same?

Blizzard is essentially an international powerhouse and easily the most recognized PC gaming developer of our day, if not ever. They boast 3 major marquee franchises; The Diablo Series, StarCraft, and Warcraft which have catapulted them to one of the premier professional gaming developers. With millions of fans and monthly paying customers worldwide what time or company is better poised to surge into the next level of entertainment?

The video game developers, fans, and community in general have gone to great strides to lift the basement dwelling middle aged jobless nerd persona that has plagued their hobby for years. With the push over the last year of Blizzard using famous stars as spokesmen for their game, video games are accepted now more than ever. It’s now okay to play video games and in general it’s almost trendy.

Could we be seeing a Theme Park based off the popular series of games Blizzard has created in our near future? I’m not sure but I don’t see any reason why not. They are in a perfect position to capitalize on their fame and success. If a video game theme park was to succeed it wouldn’t be any more shocking that a cartoon mouse theme park becoming the most visited and famous amusement park in the world...

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