Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuns are bad for PvP

I hate PvP. I remember why I never played anything other than a healer in PvP in WoW. Stun locks and CC in general is just stupid. Any ability which prevents you from controlling any part of your character in PvP is a bad ability. People want to have options. You can have abilities which limit our options, but to have NO options is just bad game design. I’m specifically talking about stun locks here, though some other forms of CC apply.

With a stun lock I can lose the ability to move or use any ability. My enemy can continue to do damage to me and the stun effect does not break. I have no way of controlling my character short of using the PvP trinket, assuming it isn’t on cool down. This was something WAR did right. They said you should never lose complete control of your character. The player needs to be able to do something, or it isn’t fun.

I believe the two best kinds of CC in WoW are Sheep/Hex and Root (assuming root breaks the first time you take damage). It removes a player from combat and yes in Sheep/Hex case prevents them from doing anything; however they are immune to damage. Any time they take damage they are now back in the fight. With root they can still cast spells or if someone gets close enough to them they can hit them from melee range.

All of this is magnified as a DPS class trying to get in range to kill someone. I always heal in PvP because I can hide behind the fight and be useful. I can find some bush and hide in it and most times my healing spells won’t give away my position. I was going to try and make Balance my off spec but if I want to do any sort of PvP it looks like I’m going back to healing…

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