Wednesday, February 9, 2011

85... yeah I'm slow

Yogi finally hit 85. Leveling has been slow and painful. Some of the Cataclysm quests have been fun, I wont deny that. The problem isn’t that some were fun the problem is that amount of quests I’ve done over the last 6 months… dear god I’ve been back for 6 months. The week before Blizzcon of last year I decided to roll a Draeni Shaman. I played her primarily in dungeons but I quested a fair bit. At the time I had every intention of making the Shaman my new main and retiring my 80 Priest who was my first WoW character.

Cataclysm launched. I wanted to play through the Worgen starter zone and I wanted to try a Druid, so the night that Cata went live I made my druid. The problem was after I completed the Worgen starter area I didn’t log off my Druid… or atleast I didn’t want to. I wanted to play the 80-85 content now so instead of leveling my Shaman I hopped on my Priest. After a few levels I remembered why I hate Shadow, it’s just boring to me. So back to the Druid.

The long road is complete. Tonight I get to start tanking normal dungeons. I was going to dungeon grind 84 to 85 but everyone in my guild said I needed the quest items more than the dungeon items. Ironically they were right. I looked at my item level before logging last night and I’m 8 points away from being able to queue for Heroics. So having only ever ran 3 dungeons from 80-85 and wearing almost all quest rewards I will be able to queue for Heroics by tomorrow night. I just need to get one or two drops from the 85 normal dungeons. That seems… somehow wrong to me. I didn’t play Wrath much but what I remember of TBC was weeks of regular dungeon grinding before I could attempt a Heroic. I don’t think I like this new way but we will see.

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