Monday, November 2, 2009

Quick Monday Post

Steam/Left 4 Dead 2:

Steam released an update and Left 4 Dead 2 requires it... however it wont install. I followed the instructions and spent about 15 minutes last night attempting to figure it out. I gave up and went back to Aion. I'm going to spend some time today at work... during breaks I swear, looking for the solution to this problem.

Update: I think I found the Left 4 Dead 2 fix. I'll check tonight and hopefully have something worthwhile to write about. However the forums that brought me a few things to try also listed a LARGE amount of existing bugs. I'm worried this may end up with me logging into Aion anyways.


I'm a crafting whore. My friends in Vent still think it means the game sucks but after being gone for 2 days and coming home to 600,000 kinah in sold items I was really excited. I just listed another 1000 potions this morning. The down side is it took 1 1/2 hours to make them. Luckily with day light savings I was up early then spent the rest of the morning making breakfast for my kids and watching cartoons with them before they had to goto school.

Crafting in Aion would really suck if you had limited computer time, for instance a shared family PC. Since my computer really is MY computer it isn't an issue for me. When ever I have a few minutes I can load up Aion and start crafting while I still perform my fatherly duties without my childeren lacking for attention.

More to come tomorrow!

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