Friday, May 15, 2009

Land of the Dead and the Crystal Skull

That is how I feel about Mythic’s new dungeon they are preparing to release next month. Completely and utterly underwhelmed…

I will start with the good. Adding Wards to your Tome is a good idea, so good in fact people have asked for this is some shape or form for the past 5 months. It’s nice that they are finally doing it. Even if I’m not thrilled about it new playing areas are always good along with an alternative route for PvE gear progression.

I’m also interested to see how this will affect the oRvR lakes. I’m really optimistic but at the same time the manner in which it is being implemented see’s like a Band-Aid. What is it with Mythic that they think just adding some sort of token or artifact to the loot table improves the game? Is it not possible to have us kill people and earn invisible currency that does not take up precious inventory space?

Now on to my personal dissatisfaction with Land of the Dead. It’s to cliché. It looks like the Mythic development team just got off a weekend marathon of Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and The Mummy movies before creating this content. It has every cliché encounter I have ever seen in an Egyptian action movie. Terra Cotta armies, mummies coming back from the dead, the booby traps from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… I mean they didn’t even try to cover that one up!

Not only is the design stolen from the silver screen but it looks as though the encounters were stolen from World of Warcraft. Every fight shown in the Games Day trailers were gimmicky mini games like nearly every one of WoW’s raid encounters, dodge fire shooting from some orb and kill the undead that spawn, dodge a giant mummy statue hand, play matador with an undead giant, run from a swarm of locust. I feel like they are pillaging WoW and pretty much every quick time event on a console for this content patch.

Over all I’m more disappointed than I am excited about the content. I’m looking forward to purge quests when the zone flips more than anything.

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